Explanation Of Cron Times

New to setting up cron jobs and need to know what each digit means? The following is an example of each digit and its function: *    *    *    *    *        command to be executed |     |     |    |    | |     |     |    |    +—– day of week (0 – 6) (Sunday=0) |     |     |    […]

Find And Remove Old cPanel Backups

How do I find and remove old cPanel backups? Use the following command from an SSH session to find all backups that are older than 60 days and delete them: find /backup/weekly/incremental/accounts -maxdepth 1 -type d -ctime +60 -exec rm -rf {} \; In the above example we find all weekly incremental backups that are […]

Rebuild Named.conf

How do I fix my cPanel DNS configuration or rebuild named.conf? Running the following script from an SSH session will fix most issues when your named.conf file becomes corrupt: cd /etc;mv named.conf named.old;/scripts/rebuilddnsconfig;service named restart    

cPHulk Whitelist IP Address From SSH

How to whitelist IP address in cPHulk from the command line? From an SSH session, run the following command: /scripts/cphulkdwhitelist <ipaddress> Where <ipaddress> is the IP address you wish to whitelist.      

CloudLinux Lvestats Not Working

How to fix CloudLinux Lvestats when they stop working? Run the following command from an SSH session; service lvestats stop;killall -9 lvestats-server;rm -rf /var/lve/lveinfo.db;service lvestats start If you receive a sqlite error, then run: yum reinstall sqlite3 And then run first command again.    

Change All Folders To 755 And Files To 644

How to reset file/folder permissions to folder to 755 and files to 644? Run the following command from an SSH session: chmod -R ugo-x,u+rwX,go+rX,go-w <path> Where <path> is the physical path of the folders/files you wish to change  

Install Comodo WAF

How to install Comodo WAF mod_security firewall? What is Comodo WAF? Comodo WAF is a software based web application filter for use mod_security on cPanel based systems. It provides a large set of preconfigured rules for mod_security to block most common attacks and exploits. To install Comodo WAF, you must first register an account with […]