update cloudlinux license ssh

Force CloudLinux License Update

Has your CloudLinux expired and you have renewed it, but LVE Manager still sees the old license? Have you changed the license and it is not seeing the new license? You can run the following command from SSH to force an update of the CloudLinux license:   clnreg_ks –force    Once ran you should be …

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Find largest folder in ssh

cPanel server booting to grub menu

So you recently updated and you rebooted and now your cPanel server is not booting and instead booting to a Grub prompt?:   grub>   This is typically due to the system not being able to find the root partition in Grub, so it boots to the Grub menu to allow you to further diagnose why …

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cPanel emtpy trash for all users

IP addressing MISSING in WHM List Accounts

When in List Accounts in cPanel's WHM, you find an account with the IP address set as "MISSING", try the running the following command from SSH:   /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf   After running the above command, make sure to restart the HTTPD service.   Another alternative quick fix is to change the accounts IP address to another IP …

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update cloudlinux license ssh

CloudLinux Lvestats Not Working

How to fix CloudLinux Lvestats when they stop working? Run the following command from an SSH session; service lvestats stop;killall -9 lvestats-server;rm -rf /var/lve/lveinfo.db;service lvestats start If you receive a sqlite error, then run: yum reinstall sqlite3 And then run first command again.    

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