How To Install Softaculous

How to install Softaculous?

Softaculous has a very easy installation script that is a snap to use.

To begin, you need to purchase a Softaculous license from either Softaculous or an authorized distributer. I suggest BuycPanel

The license will give you full functionality and give access to all the scripts Softaculous offers. You can still install it without a license though, but it will have far less available scripts.

Once you have a Softaculous license, simply run the following from an SSH session:

wget -N;chmod 755;./




How To Install CloudLinux

update cloudlinux license ssh

How to install CloudLinux?

Converting CentOS to a CloudLinux system is really easy.

First you need to purchase a CloudLinux license from either CloudLinux or an authorized distributer. I suggest BuycPanel

Once you have a CloudLinux license, you need to simply run the installation command with root access from an SSH session.

The command you will run will depend on the license type you have.

If it is an IP address based license:

wget;sh cldeploy -i

Or if you have an activation key:

wget;sh cldeploy -k <activation_key>

(Replace <activation_key> with your actual license activation key)

Once it has finished running, you will be required to reboot. From your SSH session, run:


The system should then reboot into the CloudLinux kernel.



How To Install cPanel

cPanel restore multiple backups from ssh

How to install cPanel?

Installing cPanel is actually quite simple.

First you need to purchase a cPanel license from either cPanel or an authorized distributer. I suggest BuycPanel

You first need to make sure you have your operating system setup with the minimum requirements and then run the following from SSH with root access:


cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest


After installing, it is suggested to reboot to ensure the correct kernel is running. You can reboot by running: